Tools for Communicating about Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) and University Relations (UR) are partnering to bring University leaders and communicators tools and resources to support decision making and messaging around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) communications. This first resource provides a framework for DEI communication and capacity-building for leaders. Within it are a series of steps and questions aimed at localizing your efforts to create meaningful approaches that reflect your unit, department or college.

You’ll also find a DEI Reference Guide, which provides in-the-moment DEI communications support during a crisis or when the situation calls for a more immediate response or decision.

Our communities, especially Black, Indigenous and communities of color, have been continuously and disproportionately affected by systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic, making support for leaders and communicators on DEI topics all the more necessary. We know this work doesn't end once crises subside — and we also understand how units, departments and colleges have been engaging in ongoing work to develop and strengthen their DEI values and initiatives. This resource, aimed at focusing your DEI communications lens, can help build processes and paths toward deeper communications that connect with your audiences.

As we move forward, OED and UR will continue to provide consultation and support to those building their own DEI communications efforts. As tools and resources toward this effort develop, DEI representatives and committees focused on this work will be regularly consulted.

If you have direct questions or feedback for this tool, please reach out to us at