Accessibility Ambassadors: Data Visualization

To give employees some breathing room during back-to-school, the Ambassadors are skipping September and will have an early October session instead.

How to present data in an inclusive and accessible manner has been a session request for a while. Unfortunately, it has proven difficult to find speakers with experience in this area. Thankfully, this month we are joined by Neha Bansal, senior director of application development in the Office of Information Technology, to discuss accessibility in data visualization.

This session will focus on strategies for building accessible data visualizations for users with visual impairments. We will delve into common misconceptions, visual best practices, and resources for creating accessible content. Please join us!

Recording: Accessibility Ambassadors: Data Visualization

About Accessibility Ambassadors

Accessibility Ambassadors are a group of University employees from across all campuses who are passionate about making U of M digital resources more accessible online. They bring different skills, strengths, and backgrounds, but all want to create an inclusive and accessible community at the U of M.

They host events to teach, advocate, and discuss digital accessibility topics and strive to be resources for the University community.

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