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Use Experts to Display Publication Lists and Research Profiles on Any Webpage

December 13, 2021
Most websites for University units include lists of people, often with a link to see information about their work. For almost ten years, website owners have been able to link to each person’s Experts@Minnesota page, but recently additional functionality has been added to display the information on any webpage using the Experts Website Widgets.

Use Works to Display Faculty Profiles on Drupal Websites

November 30, 2021
A new tool has been developed that seamlessly integrates faculty profiles in Drupal using Works.

Inside Higher Ed's The Academic Minute

August 13, 2020
The Academic Minute can be a good way for faculty to raise awareness about their research and expertise.

Research Briefs Bring Increased Awareness to U of M

November 27, 2018
In this inaugural year, Research Briefs have generated significant media coverage for faculty and researchers.

Increasing the U of M System’s Media Presence: New Communications Tools

Research Briefs
April 19, 2018
Research Briefs are used to help amplify published research from U of M System faculty.

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