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Search Status

August 15, 2016

Search is moving forward...right after we solve a little sort issue.


Driven Marketing Campaign to Launch September 26

August 8, 2016

We're excited to announce that the new marketing campaign, "Driven," will launch on September 26 in TV, online, and on campus.


D2D Campaign, Research Ethics, News and PR

Originally sent to the Communications Collaborative (C2) Group
July 25, 2016

Find out how you can be involved in the Driven campaign, how we're measuring the campaign, learn about the research ethics communications campaign, and some news and PR resource links.


SMC Links to Events Calendar

July 21, 2016

Some people have reported issues with links sent in SMC messages that break when going to their events in the TC Events Calendar.

Request for Personas, Desktop v Mobile, Homesite Usability

July 21, 2016

With our recent usability studies, we've gained some insight into how prospective students use Twin Cities websites. We're looking at our mobile v desktop stats and wondering what yours are, too. And we have some homesite recommendations from usability.


SMC and the Events Calendar, Categories, Enhancement Requests

July 12, 2016

We have an important message for those of you who link to events from messages sent through Salesforce Marketing Cloud and some updates about Events Calendar improvements.


Search Development Site

June 16, 2016

We have a development site that is searching against the Twin Cities collection in the Google Search Appliance.


New Email Headers

April 28, 2016

New short email headers with University branding are now available.

Search, Site Speed, Grad Student Usability

April 28, 2016

Search research and discovery wrapped up, site speed, and grad student usability.


Enterprise Software Licenses for Communicators, MyU

April 28, 2016

The University has enterprise-wide licenses for software that can be used for communications. MyU has a Communications and Marketing page full of resources.


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