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Where is Your Web Traffic Coming From?

January 18, 2022
Using custom URLs to better understand traffic to your website.

Use Experts to Display Publication Lists and Research Profiles on Any Webpage

December 13, 2021
Most websites for University units include lists of people, often with a link to see information about their work. For almost ten years, website owners have been able to link to each person’s Experts@Minnesota page, but recently additional functionality has been added to display the information on any webpage using the Experts Website Widgets.

Use Works to Display Faculty Profiles on Drupal Websites

November 30, 2021
A new tool has been developed that seamlessly integrates faculty profiles in Drupal using Works.

Tips for Interviewing: Getting at Emotion

November 11, 2021
A compelling story may hang on a great interview—especially if the story is a profile or longer feature. As you're interviewing a subject, consider questions that get at the feelings behind the facts.

Killer Analytics: Analyzing Website Performance

November 1, 2021
In the fourth and final post of the Killer Analytics series, learn about analyzing your website's performance data.

Brand Update (Fall 2021)

October 19, 2021
The start of a new school year often brings new questions about how to use the University of Minnesota brand.

Killer Analytics: Focusing on Metrics

October 4, 2021
In part 3 of the Killer Analytics series learn about matching your metrics to your goals.

Motion Accessibility

September 10, 2021
It’s a common misunderstanding that inclusive design and accessibility can only come at the cost of design details like motion. But that isn’t really the case. You can be creative without sacrificing accessibility. How we approach motion in a responsible way is the key factor.

Killer Analytics: Focus on Goals and Audience

August 23, 2021
In part 2 of the Killer Analytics series, learn more about easily fine-tuning your goals and audiences for your webpages.


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