A brand architecture is a structure of brands within the University. It helps to define how brand elements are applied at all levels of our organization. The below brand architecture defines how the brand elements apply to individual units and affiliated organizations.

Master Brand

The master brand is the University of Minnesota. The master brand elements include the Block M, wordmark, and our platform - Driven to Discover.



A sub-brand is a brand that connects directly with the master brand identity that helps differentiate it in the minds of specific target audiences.

Sub-brands apply to campuses, colleges, departments, centers, and institutes (academic and non-academic units within the U of M). Sub-brands serve internal and external audiences.

brand-architecture-cfans brand-architecture-crookston

Affiliated Brand

Affiliated brands are legally separate units that support the master brand, but serve unique audiences and fulfill specific business needs. These groups need to connect with the master brand but have some flexibility in its representation.

brand-architecture-foundation brand-architecture-health

Independent Identity

Independent identities are required to be separate from the University because of funding or other stipulations. A connection to the University brand through text is ideal but unique identities are allowed.