The brand platform reflects the University’s mission, attributes, and benefits statement.


The University’s attributes are the features we offer. They include:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Big10 University
  • Statewide System
  • Top public research institution
  • Interdisciplinary Research
  • Comprehensive
  • Diverse Culture and Thought
  • Prestigious health system
  • Land Grant
  • Economic Engine


“Benefits” refers to the many ways the University provides value to our community and beyond. Those are stated as the following benefits:

We improve the human experience in a multitude of ways

We are an inspired and motivated community

We have a sense of purpose

Value Statement

We pursue excellence in education, research, and outreach to produce discovery and innovation that improves the lives of individuals and communities throughout our state and world.

Our Brand: Driven to Discover

Our brand, Driven to Discover, articulates the unique space we occupy in the public’s mind.

All U of M units should use Driven to Discover. By doing so, we collectively convey how we are building a better future through our research, education, and outreach.

Connecting to Our Brand

You can connect your unit to Driven to Discover by identifying an area of leadership or expertise—or even a distinctive attribute or benefit—that you aim to convey in your communications and marketing.

Driven to Discover can be applied to all your communications, marketing, events, presentations, and proposals to help the public see the value we collectively bring to the world through individual efforts.