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Marketing and Communications Training

University employees in communications roles can now access training through a blend of online and in-person sessions, incorporating University marketing and communications basics with deeper dives into specific topics. Participants who watch the three introductory videos and attend at least five in-person workshops can receive a certificate, showcasing a commitment to reinforcing the University’s brand standards, mission, and values. This training course will:

  • align communications best practices from professionals across the University system
  • provide participants with a network of communicators and resources to enhance internal and external marketing and communications work
  • deepen participant knowledge of the how and why of University communications practices

Not sure if you want to go through the full certificate program?

Watch the three introductory videos to learn more about what marketing and communications looks like at the U of M and find more resources to support you in your role.

This course is free for all U of M employees who perform communications roles, whether as a primary function of your job or as secondary assigned duties, on all five system campuses, either in-person or through remote access. 

To register for the training course, you must use your University login via Training Hub. All courses require participants to view the three introductory videos before registering for an in-person workshop. There are some workshops that require a prerequisite, and those are listed in more detail in Training Hub. If you have any questions, please contact University Relations.

Introductory Videos

Learn about how the U of M values and approaches marketing, public relations, internal communications. and government and community relations. Find resources and view all three prerequisite videos before registering for in-person workshops.

Brand Ambassador Workshop

How can the University’s brand help you achieve your marketing and communication goals?  This interactive workshop will provide an overview of the University’s brand, including standards, tools, resources and hands-on activities to help you leverage the brand effectively.

Strategic Communicator Workshop

Find ways to incorporate  strategic planning into your everyday routine with this workshop. Learn how to implement best practices as part of a dynamic communications plan and discover University tools and resources.

Media Communicator Workshop

Sharpen those public relations skills in this workshop and learn best practices to cultivate media relationships and develop spokespeople within your college or unit.

Storyteller Workshop

Gain the knowledge and practice needed to become a strategic storyteller, and learn to find, vet, develop, and distribute stories that showcase the mission-driven work of the U of M.

Social Media Communicator Workshop (coming soon)

From content strategy to meaningful metric measurements, this course provides the foundation and practice to be an effective social media contributor.

Crisis Communicator Workshop

Learn to identify and effectively respond to issues in this hands-on session.  Receive key resources to support your college, unit, or campus, to be prepared before the crisis happens.

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