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Sponsorship Branding Guidelines

Use of University Name and Trademarks by Sponsors

External entities who have entered into a formal sponsorship with a University department or unit may use select University trademarks to recognize and promote that sponsorship. “Formal Sponsorship” is defined as a written agreement signed by both parties stating the parameters of sponsorship, benefit to the unit, and any terms and conditions. It must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the General Counsel.

A sponsor's use of University trademarks should clearly convey the nature of their relationship with the University through a sponsorship designation.

All uses of University Trademarks by external entities, including sponsors, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of University Relations. For more information see Brand Policy: Trademarks, Logos, Colors, and Seal.

General Guidelines

  • The following trademarks may be used to promote a sponsorship:
    • Block M
    • Goldy Gopher
    • Maroon and Gold may also be used.
  • University Trademarks may not be altered.
  • University and sponsor trademarks must always be visually separated so as not to appear combined.
  • All uses of University trademarks by sponsors must be accompanied by the following statement:
    • Proud sponsor of <Department/Event Name>
  • Sponsors may also use the above designation in writing on sponsor materials without logos.
  • Sponsors may promote their sponsorships through their own communications and advertisements, point-of-sale signage, other print materials, premium giveaways.
  • Premium giveaways or promotional merchandise must be purchased from officially licensed vendors. Contact Mike Wierzbicki at for a list of vendors.

Questions about these guidelines? Please reach out to University Relations by filling out

No Endorsements

Neither the name of the University nor any University trademark, including University colors, may be used in any way that states or implies endorsement of a commercial product or service, gives a false impression, is misleading, or could cause confusion regarding the University’s relationship with any person or entity. Statements that the University is a user or purchaser of a product or program are permitted if true.


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