Create a Sender Profile in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

June 9, 2017

Sender profiles allow you to specify both the "from" and "reply-to" email addresses for your mass email sends. If you don't use a sender profile, your "from" and "reply-to" email address will look something like this:

People have become much more aware and wary of phishing attacks and have reported legitimate UofM emails to with from/reply addresses formatted in this way. To avoid this and instill confidence in your recipients that your communications are legitimate and safe you'll need to customize these attributes.

Create a Sender Profile

  1. Login to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  2. Hover over Email Studio and click Email
  3. In the gray bar across the top of the page click Admin
  4. Click Sender Profiles under Send Management in the left nav
  5. Click Create
  6. Name the profile. Use something that explains both the "from" and "reply" properties of the profile. For instance "Jane Doe No-Reply". 
  7. Copy your entry from the Name field into the External Key field.
  8. Under the "Sender" section, select the Use the Specified Information radio button
  9. Enter a From Name (e.g. Jane Doe) and an email address.
  10. Under the "Custom Reply Mail Management Settings" section, select the Use custom settings below checkbox
  11. Under "Forward to" select the Use specified information radio button
  12. Enter a name and email address.
  13. Click Save at the top

Example of a completed sender profile

Use a Sender Profile

Start sending your email using Guided Send.

When you get to Set Send Options:

  1. Under "From Options" select the Select a Send Classification radio button
  2. Select the Overwrite Sender Profile with checkbox then in the following dropdown select your sender profile
  3. Continue with your send