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Marketing and Branding

Scope of Work

In our work to raise the profile of the University locally, nationally, and internationally, the University Relations Marketing team focuses on marketing strategies and solutions that shine a light on the great minds and amazing discoveries that improve the lives of people throughout the state and the world. The marketing team applies a unified and strategic approach that leverages the strength of the University's brand, Driven to Discover, to demonstrate the University’s value and rich contributions.

Through the PEAK initiative, the marketing team provides a slate of common good services to campuses, colleges, and units that were identified as those of greatest need. 

In-scope projects are those that directly:

  • Support your campus, college, or unit strategic priorities, as well as the broader University strategic goals
  • Achieve clear marketing objectives
  • Affect your primary campus, college, or unit website/s; related high-profile center or institute websites; or primary administrative sites. Support for those projects includes website development, content strategy, informational architecture, design, testing, usability, and management of agreed-upon websites.


The team's services focus on projects for the common good that support the University’s systemwide strategic plan. These services generally include:

  • Strategic marketing and communications counsel
  • Digital strategy and planning, including SEO best practices
  • Website development, including content strategy, informational architecture, design, build, testing, measurement, and training
  • Creative services, such as writing, design, videography, and photography for in-scope websites and strategic projects 
  • Measurement and analytics, including goal setting, data collection and insights, data visualization templates, and training

Examples include:

  • Development of brand identity systems
  • Access to brand-certified and approved vendors and freelancers through Master Services Agreements
  • Written content for websites, such as video scripts, stories, articles, and faculty features
  • Digital creative and production, such as wireframing, digital storytelling, writing content and basic style (e.g. headlines, titles) for digital, web design, photo slideshows, content asset packages, and original asset creation specific to the project
  • Google Analytics Looker Studio training

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Team Members

Ann Aronson

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Johnson

Senior Director of Account Services

Sara Froehlich

Director of Digital Communications

Adam Hammer

Director of Creative Services

Eric Meyer

Director of Measurement & Analytics

Account Services


Anna Abbott
Marketing Strategist
Amanda Bresnahan
Digital Marketing Strategist
Alex Dorner
Social Media Strategist
Susan Hagen
Senior Marketing Strategist
Sarah Issa
Social Media Associate
Jason Kaiser
Marketing Strategist
Megan Ripka
Digital Strategist
Lisa Sikkink
Digital Marketing Strategist
Kelly Voigt
Senior Marketing Strategist
Shari White
Digital Strategist
Cheryl Zupec
Marketing Strategist

Creative Services


Brian Carnell
Video Producer
Katie Gallagher
Graphic/Multimedia Designer
Pamela Hart
Multimedia Designer
Amber Johnson
Video Producer
Eric Miller
Austin Montelius
Multimedia Designer
Rick Moore
Deane Morrison
Adam Overland
Principal Editor/Writer
Zandra Phouisangiem
Multimedia Designer
Ashley Piediscalzi
Principal Multimedia Designer
Wade Rupard
Principal Writer/Editor
Ranja Sem
Principal Multimedia Designer
Karley Shoenberg
Multimedia Designer

Digital Communications


Brennan Atchison
Developer 2
Padmasripriya Bhamidipati
Developer 2
Shehan Fernando
Developer 2
Brandt Hinterberg
Developer 2
Erik Hunter
Developer 1
Frank Nelson
Developer 3
Tamera Peake
Developer 1
Ben Peck
Digital Communications Assistant
Matt Senger
Developer 3
Dimitri Tadege
Senior Developer and Technical Team Lead
Heshan Wanigasooriya
Developer 2
Kristin Williams
Developer 2

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