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Internal Communications

Scope of Work

We work with leaders and communications professionals to develop compelling messages and effective channels that promote stronger employee engagement, more satisfied employees, and successful teams.


The internal communication team’s services include unit-specific strategic consulting, communicator training, employee engagement counsel, and change management communications best practices. Examples include audience and channel audits, goal setting, identification of solutions for faculty and staff communication, alignment of external and internal brands, and internal communications best practices.

  • Internal communications planning: May consist of initial assessment, current situation audit (what do your audiences need), channel assessment (what's working) along with consulting during development of internal communication plans such as objective setting, strategies, and tactics.
  • Campus Safety Communications: Highlighting the University’s commitment and actions in support of public safety, as well as anticipating, developing and aligning communication strategies to promote safety in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Employee engagement and change management consulting: Provide counsel on development of strategy to encourage engagement and support of change initiatives.

Team Members

Chuck Tombarge

Chief Public Relations Officer

Christie Wells

Director of Internal Communications


Kendall Dawson
Internal Communications Consultant - Safety
Kari Nolan
Assistant Director of Safety Communication
Katie Ousley
Senior Internal Communications and PR Strategist

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