DIY Accessibility Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Intro to Cognitive Accessibility

Join the Accessibility Ambassadors on Thursday, July 30, for a presentation by accessibility ambassador Amy Drayer from University Libraries. 

When discussing digital accessibility, physical disabilities like visual impairments and limited mobility are well documented. However, cognitive accessibility (often shortened to COGA), for those with cognitive or learning disabilities, is a large part of accessibility that experts are now researching in order to understand how we can provide better online experiences.

In this presentation, Amy will give an introduction to the existing standards for cognitive accessibility.

Recording: DIY Accessibility Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Intro to Cognitive Accessibility

About the Ambassadors

Accessibility Ambassadors is a group of University staff who are passionate about making U of M digital resources more accessible online. They bring different skills, strengths, and backgrounds, but all want to create an inclusive and accessible community at the U.

They host events to teach, advocate, and discuss digital accessibility topics and strive to be resources for the University community.

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