Cultivating Inclusion Challenge

Most people who create and share content that isn't accessible simply aren't aware that they are excluding people from an equitable experience. Many people assume that if they use an "accessible" application like Canvas, Google, or Drupal, that their content will automatically be accessible.

So, our path to creating more inclusive, more accessible digital experiences for the UMN community lies first in awareness.

We need your help!

Help us raise awareness about digital accessibility among your colleagues, teams, and leadership. Nominate yourself, a colleague, or an entire team to take the Cultivate Inclusion Challenge. Consider nominating someone who creates content for:

  • Canvas courses
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Digital Documents (Word, Docs, Excel, PDFs, etc.)

About the Cultivate Inclusion Challenge

  1. Complete a form to nominate yourself, a colleague, or a team.
    1. The person or team you nominated will receive an email asking them to accept and choose an activity (such as: take a badging course, attend an event, or request a presentation). See all activity options on the promote digital accessibility webpage.
  2. If the nominee accepts and chooses a challenge activity, the Cultivate Inclusion team will send a:
    1. follow-up email with resources
    2. progress check at 14 days
    3. request for feedback on the experience at 30 days
  3. After the challenge is completed and the nominee has submitted feedback,
    1. we'll enter the nominee's name in a drawing for a Microsoft Oculus (drawing to be held in May 2021); and
    2. with permission, post their name, department, and comments to the Accessible U website.
  4. Repeat.

If you have any questions about the Cultivate Inclusion Challenge, email