Use Experts to Display Publication Lists and Research Profiles on Any Webpage

What is Experts@Minnesota?

Experts includes faculty members, researchers, graduate students employed by the University, and many other staff members from across the entire University system. For most faculty and researchers, publications are automatically added each week as they become available. Individuals can enrich their Experts@Minnesota profiles with other types of research output, photos, and research statements.

But what if you want visitors to your website to stay on your website? And what if you want a list of publications for the entire department, center, or subject area? The Experts Website Widgets can help.

How to Display Experts Information On Webpages

The widgets are small snippets of JavaScript that can be added to any webpage: Drupal, Google Sites, or your own HTML. They pull information from Experts@Minnesota in real time, displaying lists of people or publications on your site. The website owner can include a text box filter at the top of the list for quick searches and can control the list’s appearance with CSS.

Using the Experts Website Widgets

Experts@Minnesota provides multiple methods for organizing content, so while you can list all the people in a department, you are not limited to their formal affiliations. For example, when someone elects to become part of the UMN Water Network, a Water Network “tag” is added to their Experts profile. The tag is not visible on their public profile, but it is used on the Water Network website to display a list of members. The Water Network site (built in Google Sites) also lists publications with Water Network authors.

The widget can list publications for a person, a unit, or a structured keyword. The College of Science & Engineering has implemented the widget in their standard Drupal template. The Computer Science & Engineering department lists publications in a tab on each faculty member’s page. By default, the author’s name is styled as bold, an Open Access icon highlights work that is free for anyone to read, and the DOI is linked so the reader can easily go to the publication itself.

Examples and More Information

You can see these and other examples of how others are using the widgets together with sample code at the Experts Website Widget Portfolio site, and read full documentation at For more information or help getting the JavaScript right, email us at

You can also learn more about both the Experts widgets and the Works Drupal web module at the Web People meeting on January 21, 2022 at 11:30 AM.

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