Accessibility Ambassadors: Website Accessibility Auditing

A web accessibility audit can help you understand what barriers people may experience when interacting with your website. For June, John Starr from OIT Application Development will be giving us a brief overview of the University’s new automated website accessibility auditing tool, Pope Tech. Followed by Laura Carlson from UMD ITSS talking about the manual process for website testing. We will finish with Karl Groves from Level Access to explain why overlays aren't a solution to accessibility issues. We will leave some time after the session for additional questions.

12:00-12:15: John - Pope Tech
12:15-12:30: Laura - Manual Auditing
12:30-12:45: Karl - Overlays, Why They Aren't a Solution

Website Accessibility Auditing
June 28, 2022 noon-1 p.m.

Registration for this session is required. Let us know if you are attending. This session will be recorded, captioned, and shared with the Google Group. Any accommodation requests for the live event should be made before June 14.

About Accessibility Ambassadors

Accessibility Ambassadors is a group of University employees from across all campuses who are passionate about making U of M digital resources more accessible online. They bring different skills, strengths, and backgrounds, but all want to create an inclusive and accessible community at the U of M.

They host events to teach, advocate, and discuss digital accessibility topics and strive to be resources for the University community.

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