Recruiting employees for a study on email effectiveness

A researcher in the College of Science and Engineering, Joe Konstan, is working to study the use of mass email at the University. They've done some initial work, which UR and other communicators have helped with, and now they're looking for participants for the next part of the study, which will track how long people spend reading mass emails. The outcomes of the study will help inform all of our internal communications, so your involvement is appreciated.

What do you think of the bulk messages you receive from the University? If you would be willing to share your thoughts, you are invited to participate in a study. For two months, you would receive some messages as links to read in your browser. The research team would record the time you spend on these messages and collect your feedback on whether the email is relevant to you. The anonymous feedback would be shared with the senders to help improve future bulk email. If you’d like to help out in this way, please register at:

For any questions, please contact Ruoyan Kong at


Topics: Email