Internal Communication: The hidden gem

In a world of competing priorities and complex business systems, internal communications is a sometimes-hidden gem that can revolutionize productivity and collaboration, enhance customer service, and support organizational change. Use this list to inspire your internal communications practices:

  1. Hybrid work communications. Today’s hybrid environments need extra communications support to keep teams in touch. Balance virtual and in-person experiences by offering hybrid meetings and championing tools like Google Chat and Slack. Also, consider surveying your employees to determine their communications preferences for internal newsletters and messages in both content and frequency.
  2. Foster a supportive environment. Employees, with their diverse backgrounds and needs, are the heartbeat of productivity. Ensure your communication tone is empathetic and aligns with the audience's mood and the topic's implications. A cold, superficial tone can significantly dampen engagement.
  3. Focus on employee wellness. Acknowledging and addressing employee wellbeing is essential for a healthier, more engaged, and inclusive workplace. Champion the University’s wellbeing resources like: 
  4. Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion. Embrace and enhance workplace diversity and inclusion by welcoming and nurturing various cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. Explore these extensive resources for guidance: 
  5. Data-based communications. Effective internal communications is as much about listening as it is about sharing information. Use surveys, A/B testing, and analytics to gauge and understand your internal audience's preferences.
  6. Council your leaders and managers. Employees view their local leaders as trustworthy sources of information. Council your leader on communications best practices and share insight.  

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