Editorial Style

With the growth of the internet, many issues of English usage and naming are rapidly changing (e.g., "Web site" vs. "website"). And the context of usage is becoming more complex. It is often no longer obvious whether a given communications piece that will be placed in several media should be governed by academic or journalistic style (e.g., serial comma or no serial comma).

In keeping with the underlying tradition of the University Minnesota's style practices, we recommend that communicators follow the Chicago Manual of Style Online, except for what are judged to be news pieces, which should follow Associated Press style.

Capitalization Rules Specific to the University of Minnesota

Capitalize University when it refers to the University of Minnesota.

Capitalize names of University of Minnesota colleges, divisions, departments, and committees only when using the official name. Exceptions are shortened names that could be confusing if not capitalized.

  • School of Dentistry, dental school, the school
  • Office of Special Programs, special programs, office, the office
  • Civil Service Committee, the committee, civil service staff
  • Support Services and Operations, Support Services

Do not capitalize campus.

  • Duluth campus
  • Twin Cities campus

Capitalize West Bank and East Bank when they stand alone. Do not capitalize them when the Twin Cities campus is appended.

  • west bank of the Twin Cities campus

Capitalize Mall in Northrop Mall. Do not capitalize plaza in Northrop plaza.

Additional Editorial Suggestions

To find more style issues specific to the University, see the editorial suggestions and style guide (.Gsheet).

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