Google Business Profile

What is Google Business Profile?

The University maintains central Google Business Profile (GBP)—formerly Google My Business—accounts for locations on the system campuses. Google Business Profile allows you to “Show up when customers search for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Google My Business lets you post updates to showcase what’s new, respond to reviews to build loyalty, and add photos to highlight what makes your business special.”—Google

What Information Does GBP Include?

Google Business Profile allows the University to name and categorize locations; update addresses, hours, phone numbers, and websites; and include a description. A cover photo is displayed in Google Maps and Search results for each location, and photos can be added to show what a location looks like. Posts allow us to display timely messages in search results or to announce special events or offer discounts.

A Google Group has been created so you can ask and answer questions from each other and also receive reminders about upcoming holidays and best practices.

For best search engine optimization (SEO), make sure you fill out as much location information as possible, keep it up to date, and be sure to use keywords in your description and when making local posts.

Assigning Ownership

University Relations (UR) would like your assistance in consolidating primary ownership of system campus locations under UR while you distribute secondary ownership and management access to campus communicators to provide more up-to-date information for everyone interested in your campus. Fill out this form for assistance.

Adding/claiming a location:

  • You need to be able to receive physical mail and/or direct phone calls without automated answering.
  • If it’s already claimed, University Relations will attempt to claim the location from the current owner. If that does not work, we will work with you to prove ownership through either phone or mail.
  • If you already own a location on campus, we would also like to work with you to centralize ownership while letting you keep owner/management rights. Please help by making the Primary Owner of your location.
  • Private business owners of restaurants and similar businesses on campus are responsible for their own locations.

Note: Health Care Component (HCC) Accounts and departmental accounts created by those users cannot manage GBP locations. A departmental account will need to be created by someone without these restrictions in order for you to manage locations. This departmental account should be used only for GBP management.

Responding to Feedback

When receiving feedback through an online review, it’s important to first assess and understand when it’s beneficial to engage with the feedback. If it’s determined that the feedback needs a response, the goal is to communicate in such a way that both parties can leave the exchange with dignity and a sense of resolution.

If the feedback is positive, it may be appropriate to thank them for their kind words and assure them that the feedback will be shared through the appropriate channels. Responding to positive feedback shows our community that we’re listening to their feedback and we are grateful for their support.

If the feedback is negative but shared in a respectful way, you can thank them for taking the time to provide feedback and, if appropriate, assure them that it will be shared with leadership. While it’s okay to provide a statement of clarification, never become defensive in your response. Please keep in mind that when you respond to feedback, you are representing both your unit/department and the University as a whole.  

If the feedback is unrelated to your unit or department but is rather related to a larger University issue, please reach out to Susan Hagen at to flag to University Relations. We can help coordinate responses if needed, and it is helpful for us to have the opportunity to make note of the public commentary related to University issues.

As always, please don’t feed the trolls
Trolls are defined as online users who comment for the sole purpose of provoking an argument or emotional reaction. While trolls are typically found on social media platforms, they can also use online review forums for this same purpose. We do not recommend responding to trolls, as it is unlikely anything you say can benefit the situation. If the review uses derogatory language or hate speech, it can be flagged to Google for removal due to inappropriate content.