Licensee Use of “Driven by UMN Research & Innovation”

University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization facilitates the transfer of University innovations to licensee companies — both established and startup — for the development of new products and services that benefit the public good, foster economic growth, and generate revenue to support the University's mission.

General Use of the University of Minnesota Name

Licensees are separate entities from the University of Minnesota and their names, URLs, social media handles, etc. may not imply that they are part of the University or controlled by it.

Licensees shall not use the name “University of Minnesota,” any abbreviation thereof, or the University wordmark (“University of Minnesota” graphic), Block M, Ski-U-Mah, Row the Boat, or the word “Gopher” as part of the name of the organization or URL.

Use of Driven by UMN Research & Innovation Mark

For the purposes of communicating that the innovation, idea, product, or technology was developed by or originated from the University of Minnesota, licensees are allowed to use the official Driven by UMN Research & Innovation marks but are not permitted to use the Block M, Goldy, or other University trademarks in isolation. The Driven by UMN Research & Innovation mark must be used in its entirety, without alteration, and may not be combined with any other marks. In addition, Licensees must use these marks in compliance with University graphic standards and policies, and the following guidelines: 

  • For print: Use the Driven by UMN Research & Innovation marks at the bottom of a print piece separate from licensee logos or names. 
  • For digital/web: The marks may only appear on the company information page. 
  • The Driven by UMN Research & Innovation marks are provided at minimum size and must never be reduced in size. The mark may be enlarged proportionally for legibility.

General Prohibitions

Licensees may not use the name of the University or any University trademark, including the Driven by UMN Research & Innovation marks for the following:

  • In any way that creates the impression the University is a user of, sponsor of, or endorses a product or service.
  • In a manner that suggests or implies University endorsement of: 
    • personal, religious, or political point of view; 
    • any movement, political party or partisan political activity;
    • alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or other tobacco products, sexually-oriented products or services, religious products or services, gaming or games of chance, or firearms;