Photo and Video Library Usage Agreement

University of Minnesota faculty and staff may use the photos and videos available on the Photo and Video Library subject to the following conditions. University Relations must approve any exceptions.

  1. Users. The photos and videos are intended for use only by University of Minnesota faculty and staff in connection with University matters. They may not be used for personal or other non-University purposes.
  2. Use. The photos and videos are intended for University of Minnesota news, editorial, public relations, and noncommercial uses only. All photos and videos are to be used to benefit and promote the University. The user is responsible for ensuring that the photos and videos are not used in a manner that harms the University or harms any individual depicted in a photograph.
  3. Credits & Notices. Use the photography credits and copyright or trademark notices accompanying each photo or video.
  4. Trademark images. Trademark images may be proportionally enlarged or reduced in size, but may not be otherwise manipulated. All use of University trademarks must conform to current policies and guidelines as posted on the Brand page. Guidelines are also available upon request at 612-624-6868.
  5. Photographs. Use of photographs must accurately represent the scenes portrayed. In general, the essence of the images may not be changed, but manipulation that could be done in a traditional photographic darkroom is permitted. The following are examples of manipulations that are and are not allowed. If you have questions regarding whether a specific modification is allowed, contact University Relations.

Allowed Photo Manipulations

  • Enlarging or reducing a photo or video
  • Straight-line cropping
  • Lightening or darkening the overall photo or video
  • Lightening or darkening a specific area (dodging and burning), for example, to open up shadows on a face
  • Adjusting contrast or color to accommodate technologies and mediums, such as printing presses, paper surfaces, inks, and computer screens to maintain accurate reproduction of the original colors and gray values

Photo Manipulations Not Allowed

  • Transferring information from one photograph to another photograph
  • Transferring information from one part of a photograph to another part of the photograph
  • Deleting elements from the photograph
  • Adding elements to the photograph