Photographic Likeness Release Form

Always use the Photographic Likeness Release Form when featuring human participants in your photos or videos. An online digital version is also available through Qualtrics. Follow these instructions to create your own release.

Here are some guidelines for when or how to capture releases when filming or photographing for University use:

  • In a closed setting, one where people are required to be there, like a classroom, always try to announce what you are doing and obtain a photographic release from everyone in the room. Allow a comfortable opportunity for people to tell you they may not want to be in the photo. Try to create a section of the room where people who may not want to be photographed or taped can sit to ensure they are not accidentally included in the photo or filming.  
  • For very large groups that do not allow time for releasing individually, make a very specific announcement and allow an opportunity for people to tell you if they do not want to be photographed.  It would also be advisable to include photo releases in ticket sales for large events and post notices stating that photos may be taken.  
  • If the group includes people under 18, such as a class field trip, you need a release, unless it is a crowd at a public event. Public events with tickets sometimes have language for release on the tickets. If you are planning the event, we recommend including language in the event details that the event will be photographed or filmed and the imagery may be used publicly for University communications. Note that even if it is a public event and you are legally permitted to photograph minors, be aware many parents may not be comfortable with the University’s use of their child’s image.  This should be a judgment call based on the level of detail of the photo, the circumstances, and what the attendees were told ahead of participating.  
  • In a public place, try to look conspicuous so people realize it is a professional photo being taken. In other words, try not to capture a photo without being seen.