Google Custom Search Engine

The University began using the Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) in December of 2018.

Units have options for configuring search on their site. Search can be set to display results from all campuses systemwide (Drupal only), from a specific campus, or from a specific site. See instructions in the Add Google Custom Search Engine to Your Site section of the GCSE Self-help Guide.

Recommended Search Settings for Customized Sites

The following recommendations are for sites that are customized and not using the UMN search module in Drupal.

Most units want to provide site-specific search results for their visitors. Usability testing has shown that visitors from outside the University don't understand that they often see search results just for a specific college or unit. Many times a unit-specific search doesn't provide the information they're seeking.

To help visitors find what they're looking for at the University, it's recommended that units using site-specific results also give visitors the opportunity to expand their search. To make these customizations, see the Recommended Usability Enhancements section of the Implementing site-specific search on your site article in GitHub.

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