Six Ways Teams Can Stay Connected During Remote Work

October 5, 2020

Here are some ways you can keep your team connected while working from different locations:

Informal leader time: Schedule a regular Zoom time when a leader or manager is online, and let the team know that during that time, anyone can pop in and ask questions.

Coffee breaks: Find 15-30 minutes a week and invite department members to take a break and log on to chat about anything. To keep the conversation going, ask more gregarious team members to jump in when things slow down.

Check-ins: Schedule 15 minutes for a small group check-in. This can be supervisors and employees, or groups of employees who would typically chat for a few minutes during the day.

Google group chat: Keep a group chat going for quick questions, jokes, commentary, or other sharing that might typically happen in an open office setting.

Social hour: Check out services like Jackbox, which has online group games, and schedule a happy hour with a twist.

Real-time connection: Plan a physically distanced outdoor event at a park, on campus, or at another location so team members can see each other in person for an hour.

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