3M Global Survey: Trust in Science Reaches 89%

3M recently released the results of its annual State of Science Index (SOSI). This year’s survey shows that the image of science is on the rise. In fact, trust in science is at 89%, the highest it has been since 3M first commissioned SOSI in 2018.

Other notable results:

  • 69% of respondents say science is very important to society in general; this is up 11 points from pre-COVID-19.
  • 54% say science is very important in their everyday life; this is up 10 points from pre-COVID-19.
  • 82% say there are negative consequences to a world that doesn’t value science.

Two figures demonstrate that more work needs to be done. Sixty-three percent of respondents say they rarely think about the impact of science in their everyday life, and 32 percent believe that their lives wouldn’t be that different if science didn’t exist.

We all know that, every day, the U of M System benefits the people of the state, the nation and the world in countless ways.

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Other communications tools include the Story Sharing Form, direct pitches to journalists and news releases.

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