Strategic Communications Advice for Stakeholders

Recently, Inside Higher Ed published an open letter to top administrators. It featured a message for leadership across campuses, regardless of level. The basic take-away is to include communications leaders in strategic conversations and planning meetings. This fundamental inclusion can save time and ensure efficient implementation from the start.

Key take-aways of the article:

  1. Include communicators in the decision-making process. They are often the ones who will explain, justify, and defend decisions that bring in criticism, anger, and frustration from all target audiences.  
  2. Excluding the teams that actively perform the “social listening” function is a disservice to an institution. It often leads to misunderstanding or missing key insights coming directly from a stakeholder group.

How much is this approach used across your unit, program, or college?

There’s always room to evolve and change. Perhaps 2020, which has seen more changes than any other recent year, is the time to evolve toward this strategic model on all levels.

Enjoy the read and share with others as you see the opportunity. And may it precipitate change-making conversations.