What has Gotten You Through?

The Art department within the College of Liberal Arts highlighted how their faculty, staff and graduated students channeled their artist side in navigating this last year of the pandemic year.

From roller skating to making all kinds of artwork, “What has gotten you through?” provides a creative outlook to how time and energy has helped this department through a challenging time.

“Participating in a daily drawing challenge called Caricature Resolution really helped me get through the past year. There was one in January 2020, April 2020 and January 2021. The act of drawing everyday for a month from a list of subjects along with hundreds of other artists from around the world helped keep me distracted, focused and entertained. Challenges like this also help keep drawing skills sharp!”
-Robin Schwartzman, XYZ Lab, DPP Area Technician, Lecturer in 3D Model & Digital Fabrication

Continue to share your highlights that mark a year of challenge and change with us at internalcomms@umn.edu. We’ll continue to feature your work in upcoming posts.