Brand Update (Fall 2021)

The start of a new school year often brings new questions about how to use the University of Minnesota brand. Since some of the questions we receive may also be on your minds, here are a few reminders and updates to share.


  • Digital talent release form: Using Qualtrics, we have developed a digital Talent Release Form that you can use for your unit. Learn more about how to get started.
  • Marketing and communications training relaunch: You will be receiving an email from our office soon about the relaunch of the University Relations training series. Learn about the training.
  • Name, Image, Likeness policy: Last summer, the NCAA voted to allow student athletes to benefit from name, image, and likeness opportunities. As a result, the University of Minnesota created a policy to ensure student athletes comply with NCAA rules and the University's brand and other policies. Read the policy.


  • If there are multiple collaborators on a project, the University’s wordmark is the only identity mark/logo that should be used. Additional references and credits should be highlighted in text.

    Example of partners
  • The unit wordmark is the official identity for any unit. No other marks or logos may be used to identify a unit, such as a seal, and the unit wordmark should not be modified. We encourage you to review the unit wordmark guidelines to confirm your unit mark is aligned.
  • For websites, the unit wordmark should be reserved for the footer. Units may not use their Wordmark/unit combinations on UMN web pages outside of the footer.
  • When developing graphic elements, be sure to follow the buffer space guidelines. Graphic elements should not appear grouped or combined with University trademarks.
  • When selecting apparel color, maroon and gold is preferred. Avoid colors that might be confused with another university (such as black and gold, blue and gold, etc.).

Visit the University Relations Brand Site for all brand standards, assets, and related information. As always, if you have any questions about the brand guidelines illustrated above or any of the guidelines posted on our website, please reach out to University Relations by filling out