Improving Media Relations Strategies in 2022

A new report on the state of journalism in 2022 detailing reporter trends in social media, public relations preferences and news gathering strategies was recently released by the media database organization, Muck Rack.

Over 2,500 journalists were surveyed this January about their preferences, and the findings are incredibly useful for communications professionals hoping to improve their media relations strategies.

In one survey question of note, journalists were asked why they would immediately reject an otherwise relevant pitch. The most common answer was bad timing followed closely behind by lack of personalization.

The report further detailed what “good timing” might look like for a journalist. More than 65% of journalists said they would prefer to receive pitches between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m., with Monday being the most favored day. Reporters preferred receiving pitches earlier in the week in general.

Good timing can also mean taking into account important local or national events that could keep a reporter busy and unable to pursue additional story ideas. This could include elections, major trials, severe weather events or important conferences in their beat areas.

According to the report, most journalists still say a direct and personal email is their top preference for receiving pitches from public relations professionals, with 68% of journalists preferring emails that are less than 200 words total.

Public Relations professionals hoping to make an impact with their emails can make an effort to keep pitches short, while saving room to include a small personal touch.

When it comes to sending follow-up emails on a pitch, many journalists are open to continued communication. In fact, 90% are okay with one follow-up email, with most preferring that second contact between 3 and 7 days after the initial pitch.

Following these preferences can help ensure a reporter sees important information, while still respecting their time and boundaries.

View the complete annual report.