More Research Recommended to Improve Science Communication

new report from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science and the Science Public Engagement Partnership (SciPEP) identifies five key areas where research is needed to better communicate basic science to the public.

The report, Basic Research Needs for Communicating Basic Science, is the result of the conference convened last summer that brought together professions from an array of sectors, including academia, students, federal agencies, philanthropic organizations, and the media. According to the organizers, the conference program was built around the exploration of the why, what, and how of the relationship between the public and basic science.

The five Priority Research Directions detailed in the report are:

  1. identify meaningful goals for basic science communication
  2. develop and assess approaches to public engagement for basic science
  3. examine how publics perceive, seek out, and interact with basic science
  4. understand the emotional dimensions of basic science communication
  5. using goals- and objectives-driven perspectives to improve communication training

Dig into the report to learn more about each recommendation. There is much to be learned as we constantly strive to better communicate basic science to our audiences and we would welcome your thoughts in the comments below. Additionally, a member of the University Public Relations team regularly participates in SciPEP discussions and would be happy to pass along your observations. Please feel free to share them with us at