Global internal communication trends for 2022

Workplaces that have a strong internal communications strategy experience lower employee turnover, higher job satisfaction, stronger productivity, and better customer service—components strongly valued by senior leadership, according to ContactMonkey’s 2022 Global State of Internal Communications 2022 Survey.

Additional top internal communication trends found by the survey included:

  • More positive employee experience—the biggest trend shaping internal communications—leads to a 21% increase in productivity.
  • Higher employee satisfaction leads to 85% more engagement.
  • Communication issues and barriers were the biggest challenge of remote work.
  • 47% of internal communicators grapple with low levels of employee responsiveness.
  • One of the top challenges for workplaces included collecting employee feedback most likely because employees feel that their viewpoints aren’t valued and that no changes are being made.
  • Email is considered the most valuable internal communications channel, followed by collaboration apps and video conferencing.
  • A growing number of internal communicators now have a long-term internal communications strategy.

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