Best practices for Gmail layouts and multi-send

As we mentioned in a blog post last week, Google recently added layouts and multi-send capabilities for Gmail. This week, we want to go over instances where you might take advantage of these new features.


Layouts are primarily useful when you want to give communications a branded, official feel. You might use them if you’re sending an internal newsletter or invitations, for example, to indicate visually that the content is different from a typical email.


We recommend using multi-send only when you:

  • Are sending an email to fewer than 50 recipients.
  • Are sending an email inside your campus.
  • Do not need to include an unsubscribe link.
  • Do not need to send from a departmental account.

As a reminder, check out our recommendations for using both capabilities.

If you have any questions about Gmail layouts or multi-send, reach out to the University Relations Internal Communications team at