How PR professionals are using AI

More than 1,000 public relations professionals were surveyed this spring about their usage of artificial intelligence in the workplace for a study by MuckRack, a media database organization.

The survey found that most people in the PR industry plan to explore generative AI, such as ChatGPT or DALL-E, or have already done so. Just 15% of respondents said they have no plans to use this technology.

Most people who utilized AI did so to help with tasks like crafting pitches, writing press releases, and writing copy for social media. A much smaller percentage of people used it for finding journalists and generating images for content.

When thinking about the future of AI, 68% of respondents said they hope the technology would be impactful in assisting with research and list building, while 54% said monitoring and measuring assistance would be useful.

While PR professionals seem to be embracing the benefits of AI, many still have concerns about its use in the industry. More than half of respondents shared concerns about copy that is lower quality and not carefully examined, as well as worries that newer professionals will rely on AI instead of learning the principles of the industry.

Read MuckRack’s full report, The State of AI in PR 2023.