Using forms in Asana

Do you receive project requests as emails? Do you want multiple people to be aware of someone requesting a project? Are you looking to collect all details in one place? Using Asana forms can help you manage these workflows in an automated and consistent way.

Project request form for marketing work

Recently, the University Relations team updated the University Relations Project/Support Request Form to include all common goods services offered through the PEAK Initiative. All marketing work comes into University Relations through this form. Once a request comes in, it is reviewed. If it’s in scope, a team is assigned and the project process is initiated.

Different uses for forms

Outside of project requests, forms can be created for a variety of requests:

  • Editorial story submissions
  • Social media requests
  • Website updates
  • Event participant signups
  • Email requests

Customizing forms

Asana forms are customizable depending on your needs.


Branches allow you to display different questions depending on the selection. For example, selecting Measurement and Analytics will display specific questions to gather more information about the request.

Selecting Measurements and Analytics
Showing specific questions


Multiple attachments can be uploaded per submission to gather necessary files for a request.

Question types

A variety of question types are available in forms including single line text, paragraph text, date, single select dropdown, and multiple select dropdown.


Lastly, a few settings to consider when finalizing your form are to:

  • Designate a default assignee for form submissions
  • Copy answers to the task description
  • Select who has access to the form
  • Add a custom confirmation message
  • Include a button so that submitters can complete another submission

For questions about how to use or setup Asana forms, please contact Kelly Voigt (