Branding Mobile Apps

When developing University of Minnesota mobile applications, branding can convey important information about the connection your application has to the University.

The guidelines below are specific to University of Minnesota colleges, campuses, departments, campus life programs, registered student organizations, and other groups conducting official University business. Individual students, alumni, or external entities are not permitted to use any University trademarks.

Best Practices for Branding Mobile Apps

  • Branding is most effective when it's subtle and understated. For the best user experience, you should quietly remind your users of your identity.
  • Avoid taking space away from the content people care about. Depending on your app, a persistent bar at the top of the screen that displays branding assets can mean that there is less room for content.

Branding Requirements

  • Minimal app branding includes ONE of the following:
    • A Block M and Wordmark combination on the launch screen.
    • A Block M and Wordmark combination on the "About" screen.
    • A Block M and Wordmark combination on the "Credits" screen.
    • A Block M and Wordmark combination on all screens (see Best Practices above).
  • Use the official University of Minnesota colors of maroon (#7a0019) and gold (#ffcc33) as the main way to associate your app with the University.
  • When using the Block M or Wordmark in your app, you must follow minimum size requirements. The Wordmark (with or without Driven to Discover) must be no smaller than 179 pixels wide. The Block M must be no smaller than 51 x 28 pixels.
  • Registered student organizations may use the Block M or mascot marks in their apps. They may not use the University Wordmark.

Application Icons

  • Application icons should be representative of what the app does.
  • Use of the Block M as an application icon is discouraged; use of the University Wordmark as an icon is forbidden.

Required Information

  • Apps developed or used by University units must include the regents copyright statement (this requirement is not applicable to student organization apps).
  • Applications must explain the relationship to the University in text within the application. For instance: "This mobile application was created or is maintained by xyz college/office/registered student organization."
  • Applications may not be referred to as "Official" to the University or claim endorsement by any University entity.

Application Content Related to Branding

  • If a University group wishes to use University branding or trademarks in a mobile application, that application's content and purpose should directly relate to the work of the group producing it.
  • University brand elements may not be used to endorse any person, product, service, or viewpoint and may not be used in connection with anything that could adversely affect the University's reputation.
  • Details about content requirements and guidelines can be found in the Brand Policy: Trademarks, Logos, Colors, and Seal.

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