Digital Signage Equipment

Digital signage requires certain equipment: a media player (an electronic device made for sending your content to a display), and the display itself (the screen that shares your message). To request a consultation or order equipment, please email

Media players

Please note that all media players need to be hardwired, rather than relying on WiFi.

Recommended media player

The University’s recommended media player is Apple TV for new or replacement players. They must be purchased through the Bookstore (using SKU 3590529) on the Twin Cities campus to ensure they are configured properly for digital signage use. Apple TV media players do not offer interactive capabilities.

Other media players

Many units have NUC media players. It is recommended they be replaced before October 2025, due to a planned system upgrade that will make them unusable. 

BrightSign is another media player approved for use with the Carousel Cloud system. Due to cost, BrightSign is not recommended for most uses. However, it is the only player that is compatible with interactive features. 

Please note: It is recommended that any digital device (laptops, tablets, media players, etc.) be replaced every 3-5 years with most players reaching retirement age at around 6 years. If your media player is nearing replacement age, please email to initiate a digital signage hardware replacement. This enables adequate security and performance as well.

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