Digital Signage Support

Support examples may include requesting to add or remove user access, having problems with hardware, Carousel Cloud, or image quality.

For support, existing Carousel Cloud users should email This will begin the help process.

Using Carousel Cloud 

Helpful Carousel Cloud trainings are listed below. Note that they are separated by role in descending order. For example, the Content Approver can do everything the Content Creator can. For video versions of these trainings, please visit Carousel Academy.

Content Approver

  • Everything for Content Creator, and
  • Bulletin Editor
    • Explore the layout, dynamic, content, schedule, and extras tabs
  • Managing templates
    • How to edit preview, copy and delete a template

Content Creator

  • Creating a new bulletin
    • Create a new bulletin from a template, upload a bulletin, create a dynamic bulletin
  • Managing media
    • Preview/copy/edit/delete media they create (individual audio, video or image assets that you can use to populate bulletin templates), file upload area, search/audio/background/image/video media.

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