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Filming and Photography on Campus

Non-Commercial Productions

News Media inquiries can be directed to the University's News Service Team at

Information and guidelines for students wishing to film on campus as part of course work are available here.

Filming done by University staff for campus units as part of official business (marketing campaigns, social media videos for official pages, or instructional videos as examples) do not require a filming agreement.

Commercial Productions

Thank you for your interest in using the University of Minnesota as a location for your upcoming production. The Office of University Relations coordinates all aspects of commercial filming and photography at the University. Our historic campus, buildings, and scenic interior and exterior locations provide exceptional locales for any production.

General Information

It is the policy of the University that any commercial productions taking place on campus complete an agreement before allowed on campus. All still photography and filming/taping, other than that being done by news organizations for news purposes, students filming as part of coursework, or for official University Units is considered to be commercial work. A formal contract outlining the production and use of all imagery captured as part of the production must be signed and related fees paid before any filming can take place.

To submit a request to film on the University's campus, please complete this form.

Once your request is received, the Office of University Relations will review and determine if the production can be hosted by the University and coordinate with appropriate location and facilities representatives to determine space availabilities, applicable fees, and other special considerations for the production.

The University makes every effort to accommodate requests, but requests made during busy times of the year (August-October) may be difficult to facilitate due to availability of staff and resources. Photography and filming is only allowed during those times least likely to be disruptive to the academic process and to student life.

Generally, filming requests can be processed in 5 to 7 business days. However, if your production is large, affecting multiple areas of campus, or wishes to use the name of the University, additional time will be required to secure permissions and approvals. It is recommended that requests be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

Request Process

Step 1: Submit online request

Complete the University of Minnesota's online filming and photography request form here.

Step 2: Review and follow-up

University Relations will review the submitted request and respond within two days with approval, or additional questions. UR staff will work with you to determine if your production can be hosted on campus during your desired time frame, and check with any requested locations to secure permissions to film, and determine fees. Please note, permission is required by managers and staff of locations impacted by your production - this permission process can take several days.

Step 3: Filming agreement draft and review

Once details of your production have been finalized, University Relations will draft an Agreement for Filming & Photography Shoots and send for review. Once the requestor accepts the draft, University Relations will sign and include all relevant documentation for the production, and return a final version to the requestor for final signing.

Please note:

  • Full text of the agreement can be viewed here (pdf). Revisions or changes to this form must be requested in writing and approved by the University's Office of the General Counsel. Change requests may take significant time to process and approve.
  • A Certificate of Insurance is needed. A Certificate of Insurance (COI), naming the Regents of the University of Minnesota University Relations 3 Morrill Hall 100 Church St. S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55455 as additional insured, providing comprehensive general liability insurance, in amounts not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 in the aggregate or a combined single limit of $1,000,000 shall be submitted to the Office of University Relations at least five (5) days before the shoot.
  • Use of University Trademarks, Symbols and Locations
    The University of Minnesota name, seal, marks and logos are registered trademarks and may not be used without the written permission of the University. The University's name, symbols and locations may not be used in any manner in your production without review and written permission of Office of University Relations. Use of the University's name or identity in any way requires additional review and approval time and may delay your production.

Step 4: Signing agreement and submitting payment

University Relations must receive a final signed copy of the agreement along with all fees before the production is allowed on campus. There are no exceptions. The standard rates for filming at the University are here. Exceptions to these fee's are granted only if there is a significant benefit to the University to host the production. Exceptions must be submitted in writing for review and consideration.

Additional Information

Generally, productions are not permitted to use the University's name, trademarks, or identity in any way. If use is requested, the Office of University Relations must approve all scripts referring to the University of Minnesota. No mention is to be made of, or recognition given to, the University of Minnesota unless specifically authorized.

View the University's standard Filming/Photography Rate Card.

Questions for filming can be directed to

Photo and Video Talent Releases

For University colleges or units wishing to take photos or film on campus, the following talent release guidelines apply. An online digital version is also available through Qualtrics. Follow these instructions to create your own release.

  • Classrooms, labs, and offices are private spaces. Citizens/the general public wouldn't be allowed in these spaces, so they are considered private. You must obtain signed releases from individuals when filming or taking photos in these spaces.

  • The hosting entity should provide permission for event photography or video. People have chosen to attend an event that is open to a wide audience, so individual permissions are not needed. A best practice would be to include in the invitation that photos will be taken.
  • For colleges or units filming or taking photos in public spaces on campus, talent releases are not needed.

    • Building lobbies, study areas, etc. are considered public spaces - meaning citizen can enter the buildings and use those spaces. Inform people when you are about to take their photo in case someone wants to leave.
    • Outside of buildings are public spaces for the same reason. No releases are needed. Inform people when you are about to take their photo in case someone wants to leave.


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