Folwell Web Theme

The University's Folwell web theme is a resource library, with design and code already in place, that gives your website a foundation to start building on.

We recommend that websites systemwide use the Folwell theme components to improve consistency across our sites, improve usability and accessibility, take advantage of University-provided tools, and enhance the perception of University communications.

Five Benefits of Using Folwell

  1. Usability
    • It’s easier to use websites with consistent design, navigation schemes, and behaviors.
  2. Fiscal responsibility
    • University units will be able to tap into a comprehensive web theme that will greatly reduce the need to contract for web services.
  3. Accessibility
    • Website accessibility is a priority on the University campus. Theme components are designed to be accessible out of the box. Appropriate implementation of the components and use of the guidelines on the Accessible U website will help units maintain site accessibility.
  4. Technology
    • Folwell is incorporated into Drupal 8. It serves as the base theme for Drupal and, later this year, Drupal Lite and will be available for HTML sites and other platforms by using code from the Pattern Library.
  5. Appearance
    • A consistent appearance across University sites will help inspire confidence in the institution and strengthen site visitors' positive perceptions of the University.

Learn more about the Folwell web theme on the Folwell website.

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