Mass Email Tools

Two mass email delivery systems are supported by the University: Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Groups.

Mass Email Tool Features

Below is a list of some of the features of the U of M’s supported mass email tools.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (was ExactTarget)

  • Subscription, opt-out
  • HTML
  • Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Cost per message
  • Account and training required

Google Groups

  • Subscription, opt-out
  • Ability to format depends on the email client used to send the message
  • No tracking
  • No cost to send messages
  • IT help available for loading large lists
  • Archive of sent messages
  • Configurable - only certain people can send, moderate, etc.
  • Member management, permissions

Mass Email Templates

There are several mass email templates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that should be used for official University email. Options and instructions are outlined on the Mass Email Template page.

More Information

If you need help working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, see the Office of Information Technology’s self-help guide, visit the MC User Group website, and join the Marketing Cloud User Group.

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