Share Your Expertise

Do you have a best practice, industry benchmark, or exciting communications project you want to share with your colleagues? If so, consider submitting a post to the Communication Blog. 

Why would I do that, you ask? More than 700 University community members have opted to receive our weekly blog digests. We have even heard from people across the country who have found our blog helpful while searching for related information. Imagine the reach, influence, and bragging rights alone.

Topics can be anything of interest to communicators—for example, content related to how you solved a communication challenge, or resources you would recommend.


  • Content should be informative and educational, as well as relevant to communications and marketing at the University.
  • Posts should be 200 to 400 words and follow the UR editorial style
  • A writer/editor will review all submissions. We may edit your post, including headlines and subheadings; submission does not guarantee publication.
  • Submit your post for review via Google Form by Friday. New blogs are posted on Tuesdays.

If you have questions about submitting a guest blog post, contact Christie Wells.