Who's Sending Video with Pitches?

News Direct and PRWeek recently announced the results of a survey they conducted on the current state of media outreach.

Based on the feedback received from each group of respondents—PR professionals and journalists—the survey lists seven of the most common mistakes PR professionals make when pitching journalists.

Number seven on the list from journalists grabbed our attention: “Not providing multimedia assets—images, videos, and/or infographics.”

University Public Relations is most interested in exploring with our partners ways to incorporate multimedia in our communications tools, such as Research Briefs, Talking ... with U of M, and Expert Alerts. In one example, the School of Nursing provided video, enhancing the questions and answers in Talking fall prevention in older adults through physical activity with U of M.

If you have had any successes using multimedia assets in your media outreach or have suggestions for such assets, please feel free to reach out to Brad Robideau at brobidea@umn.edu. We look forward to hearing from you.