Hosting reporters on campus

Many local and national news organizations request interviews with University of Minnesota experts every day to better inform their stories. If an expert from your unit is planning to do an interview on-campus, they may need to work with University Relations or their local communications team to provide an escort for the reporter and cameraperson:

  • During the warmer months, reporters may want to film an interview outdoors. All outdoor spaces on campus are accessible to the public, and do not require an escort or signed filming agreement. 
  • If a reporter wants to visit a lab or film an interview in an office space, they will need to be escorted by a member of the University Relations PR team or a local communicator while inside the building. 
  • If a reporter or film crew plans to visit a class session, they must first gain permission from the professor or instructor, then obtain permission from each student beforehand. They must also provide a space for students who do not wish to be on camera. Note: Non-journalistic, commercial productions do require a signed filming agreement before moving forward. Read more about the process on the University Relations website.

The University Relations PR team is a resource for you while managing media requests. Our team helps coordinate interviews, ensure University processes are followed, and help you prepare and feel confident while speaking to the media. Contact us at with questions or visit Guidelines for Journalists for additional information.