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Web Header and Footer Download

The University of Minnesota’s Brand Policy requires that all websites on the domain include an approved web header and footer. (Not included in this requirement are personal websites hosted by the University.)

The web header and footer, as well as the domain, may only be used by a campus, college, unit, department, or center to conduct official University business. Header and footer code is available in the following:

There are two approved versions of the web headers, one with a maroon background and one with gold.

Approved maroon header.

Approved gold header.

If you have questions or comments about using the header and footer, please contact


Official, approved University web headers and footers are available on GitHub. If you are unsure of how to use GitHub or compile Sass to CSS, you may want to have Template Builder write and compile your code.

See Web Requirements before making any alterations to the header and footer.

Drupal and Drupal Lite

All versions of the official web headers and footers are available in both Drupal and Drupal Lite.

If you have questions about the use of the headers and footers in Drupal or need assistance updating your theme, please contact See Web Requirements before making any alterations to the header and footer.

Template Builder

The Template Builder is an automated method for choosing options to build a customized web header and footer for Twin Cities campus websites. This feature is for static HTML sites and includes the same options available in Drupal and GitHub. Header and footer code is compiled using Sass.

See Web Requirements before making any alterations to the header and footer.





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