Exploring Agility's Support Library

Over the past two weeks, we've posted directions for how to create media lists, add private contacts, look up journalists, and create press releases in Agility, a new systemwide tool available through University Relations. This week we’re exploring Agility’s Support Library, which can help you solve problems and learn more about the tool.

The library has several sections:

  • Getting Started: Master how to find and use Agility’s main features, including compiling keyword searches to reach influencers and using tags to share your work with colleagues.
  • Videos: If you're a more visual learner, check out these videos for help.
  • Discover: Find in-depth info on each of the 800,000+ contacts in the media database and get tips for compiling and managing media lists.
  • Amplify: Explore press release tips, including how to embed a video link and how to read distribution reporting.
  • Monitor: Get tips such as how to refine your monitoring results, show or hide similar articles, and cut a broadcast clip.
  • Other: Find info on login assistance, sharing content with colleagues, training, and more.

We’ll continue providing Agility updates as we navigate this new tool together. If you aren’t already using Agility and are interested in exploring it, send us a note at unews@umn.edu. If you have used Agility and want to share your experience, please let us know.