Journalists Seek Video Interviews Now More than Ever

In earlier posts—Connecting with Key Media Through Virtual Roundtables and Who's Sending Video with Pitches?—we shared thoughts and tips on how to incorporate video into media outreach.

Another idea worth considering is offering to make experts available for video interviews.

In its 2020 State of the Media Report, Cision included in the survey to journalists questions specific to COVID-19. One theme highlighted is journalists seeking experts available for video interviews, especially during this time when they are often on video calls and viewing more video on their devices at home.

Says one journalist:

“Email remains key, but noting whether a guest/expert is available for a FaceTime/Skype video interview is more helpful than ever.”

If you are able to make your experts available for video interviews, you can add to your media outreach a line or two saying:

“In addition to a phone interview, XYZ is available for a video interview via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime. If you would like to schedule a video interview, please let me know. I am happy to assist with arrangements.”

If you plan to offer your experts for video interviews and find success, please let us know at We would welcome you sharing your advice in a guest post.