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Become a pro at audience Q&A: How to conduct a Q&A

September 20, 2019
Learn best practices for taking questions and how to interact well with your audience during a Q&A.

Most Americans Say Science Benefits Society and Will Continue to Do So

September 13, 2019
A recent nationwide survey revealed that a majority of U.S. adults believe scientific breakthroughs positively contribute to society, highlighting the critical role we have in sharing these stories.

Calling All Bloggers!

August 30, 2019
Share your expertise with the community.

How to Make Google Calendar Work for You

August 22, 2019
Hard-copy printed calendars are mostly a thing of the past. Now, our devices put highly sharable and portable online calendars at our fingertips. Here’s how to use Google calendar better.

Science Talk Part 2: Science Storytelling Tips from Experts

August 15, 2019
Scientists tend to go for the detail, not the narrative. Hear from science storytelling experts about how they construct a narrative.

Science Talk Part 1: Struggles of Scientific Storytelling

August 12, 2019
Science is not for everyone. Or is it? Learn tips about helping scientists tell their stories in Science Talk.

State Fair Content Asset Package

August 3, 2019
To make it easy to promote your unit’s presence at the Minnesota State Fair, we’ve put together a convenient content asset package.

How Journalists Use Academic Research

August 2, 2019
Survey results show journalists use academic research.

Starting a new social media account? Ask yourself these 5 questions first.

July 23, 2019
No longer just a rising trend, social media is an important part of every strong communication and marketing presence. But before you decide to create a new account, take a moment to ask yourself some key strategic questions.

DIY Accessibility Lunch ‘n’ Learn: Video Captioning and Audio Description

July 22, 2019
Join the Accessibility Ambassadors on Thursday, August 15 for a presentation by Alex Anderson from OIT Video and Conferencing Services.


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