UMN Digital Signage

Learn more about the advantages, vocabulary, costs, and user access associated with joining the UMN Digital Signage enterprise contract.

Photographic Likeness Release Form

Planning to capture photos or video for use in your communications? Here's some guidance for what to consider and how and when to use releases.

Driven to Discover Campaign Asset Package

We celebrate Driven to Discover in our annual marketing campaigns. These are aimed at building widespread support for the University of Minnesota. While each campaign has its own distinctive look, they all reinforce our brand by showcasing our identity, values, and work to the public.

Logos and Marks for Microsoft Word

Complete set of, and instructions for adding, University logos, including the wordmark and Block M, in Microsoft Office programs


The Block M is the University's approved favicon, which is an icon that serves as branding for your website.

Channel-Specific Social Media Icons

In order to comply with social media branding requirements (typically found on social media "Terms" pages), use only the official icons available in this download.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Download University of Minnesota-branded zoom virtual backgrounds for use on your digital meetings.

University Social Media Graphics

University of Minnesota brand graphics for social media usage.

System Identity Style Guide

The System identity guide was developed to communicate the system’s value to key audiences and establish consistent language, messages and visual identity for use by all within the system.

"U of M Overview" Presentation

An overview presentation available to faculty, staff, and departmental accounts that conveys the University of Minnesota’s vibrant communities and showcases our commitment to discovery, education, and engagement.