Commenting on high-profile incidents

We offer considerations when commenting locally about high-profile incidents that happen off campus and may affect members of our community. 

Case Study: University Services monthly message format

University Relations adapted the University Services monthly message to an Axios-style format using Smart Brevity to improve open and click rates.

Progressive Web Apps, one year later

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a technology collection that allows you to install websites on devices, so it behaves similar to a mobile application. The number of mobile device users is growing, and PWA implementation is becoming more important than ever.

Template Builder

The template builder is used to compile official University web header and footer files when using Drupal, GitHub or compiling Sass to CSS is not an option.

Communicating About Freedom of Expression on Campus

Find tips for effective and considerate communication when handling questions, criticism, or protests in response to freedom of expression.

Website Help Resources

Available resources for creating a website.

Website Analytics

Office of Information Technology's website related to Google Analytics, which allows you to monitor traffic on your webpages. 

Photo and Video Libraries

The Photo and Video Library features high-quality photos and videos from all of the University of Minnesota campuses. Content includes campus scenes, student life, classes and labs, buildings, and people.